Building Maintenance Unit

Building maintenance units for facade access

Whether you need to scale a high rise building or provide general access to a facade for general cleaning and maintenance, Workplace Access & Safety can design a building maintenance system fit for purpose and to budget.

Tailor made for every building

Each building maintenance system is tailor made to suit the building, the access tasks required and budget. Workplace Access & Safety works with building owners, architects and builders to create an integrated system for facade access. Workplace Access & Safety will review your buildings design and the access requirements to maintain your building. The result is a building maintenance system that is cost effective without compromising on the buildings aesthetics.

Work with the specialist

Workplace Access& Safety are the working at height specialist. Everything down to engineering, structural and engineering planning is conducted in-house to manage project costs.

Customise your building maintenance system to suit your building

Workplace Access & Safety offer a range of options to create a building maintenance system to suit every building without compromising on aesthetics or compliance to Occupational Health & Safety law.

Rail tracks

Rail tracks can be used to move a building maintenance along a designated path.

  • IPE beams or HEB beams galvanised
  • With counter-weights or fixed to roof
  • Bended for curves
  • 3 way or 4 way switches
Building maintenance unit, rail track

Twin jib system

twin jib system, building maintenance unit

Fixed to rail tracks, a twin jib system is the perfect building maintenance unit for small buildings with limited storage space. It’s lightweight and can store away its cradle when parked while still providing many must have features like swiveling wheels to negotiate bends and multiple working positions with a range of reaches.


Safety is seamless with Defender™ HD Rail. Customised for the unique shape of your buildings, it can climb, bend and intersect to suit even the most architecturally adventurous facades with minimum visual impact.


  • Installed inside a building
  • Bespoke fixing to the exterior of a building

Various trolleys

  • Battery powered trolley
  • Motorized trolley
  • Manual trolley with pulley
  • Abseiling trolley

Safe Access C

safe access c, trolley, abseiling, false ceiling, building maintenance unit

The SafeAccess C is an access system that can be concealed over a false ceiling or discretely installed on the underside of a ceiling.


  • Installed inside of building or on canopy
  • Concealed in ceiling or cladding
  • Bespoke fixing to building

Various trolleys

  • Battery powered trolley
  • Motorized trolley
  • Manual trolley with pulley
  • Abseiling trolley

Davit arms

Whether you need to gain access to façades for cleaning or maintenance purposes, Defender™ Aluminum Davits Building Maintenance Unit provide permanent, safe access without compromising on a buildings design.

  • Lightweight solution for small roofs
  • Aluminium & galvanized steel
  • Fixed on roof or parapet
  • Rotative jib

Compatible with:

  • Cradle equipped with wheelers
  • RopeClimber
  • Rope Access Technicians
building maintenance unit, davit, davit arm, rotative jib

Anchor points

anchor, anchor point, building maintenance unit

Defender™ roof anchors are:

  • Dynamic and static tested in a NATA™-accredited fall prevention laboratory
  • Independently certified to AS/NZS 5532 and comply with AS/NZS 1891
  • Provided with full documentation, including layouts, rigging plans and user manuals

Compatible with:

  • RopeClimber
  • Rope Access Technicians

Rope climber

The RopeClimber is a portable and autonomous hoist, it is the ideal solution for facade maintenance and works at height. Combinable with Defender™ Rail or Defender™ Davit system.

  • Battery powered winch reach 500m
  • Lightweight textile rope
  • Lifting capacity: 240kg
  • Lifting speed: Up to 11.5m/min
  • Battery Life: 8 hoursb